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Rage Adult Adjustable Inline Skates

Product merchan:Walmart

Product brand:Epic Skates

Original Price:$55.40/us

Epic Skates is excited to introduce a new line of adjustable inline skates for kids to its line. The Epic Skates Rage Adjustable Inline Skates for children is the product of years of development and testing resulting in unmatched quality in a beginner, adjustable inline skate. The Epic Skates Rage inline skates feature a soft, comfortable boot with Velcro cinch strap, hard plastic shell for added support, aluminum frame and ABEC seven-speed bearing in a 70-millimeter polyurethane indoor/outdoor inline skate wheel. Topping off this package is a single LED lighted wheel on the front of each skate. These Epic Skates Rage beginner inline skates are adjustable and come in two sizes. Epic Skates Rage Kids Adjustable Inline Skates: Black and green adjustable inline skates Lightweight aluminum frame plate and ABEC 7 bearings 70mm PU indoor/outdoor inline skate wheels Front LED wheel lights up

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